Charles Little Youngblood (1826 – 1922)

I wanted to share some information on a couple of free downloadable books about Charles Little Youngblood (born 1826, Warrick County, Indiana; died 1922, Pierce County, Washington) – he was the son of Rev. John Wilson and Ann Musgrave Youngblood; Rev. John Wilson Youngblood was the son of Samuel Youngblood; Samuel Youngblood was the son of Peter Youngblood, who died 1788, Richmond County, Georgia. (There’s more about Charles Little Youngblood in the book “Southern Indiana YOUNGBLOODS Their Ancestors and Descendants” by Mrs. Lawrence L. Lant)

The books are from his journal about his 10 years he spent on the western plains and mountains; the books are titled:

Adventures of Chas. L. Youngblood during ten years on the plains (printed 1882)

A Mighty Hunter. The Adventures of Charles L. Youngblood on the Plains and Mountains (printed 1890)